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Volunteer opportunities exist in multiple arenas. You have the option to stay in your lane while servicing multiple communities, or venturing into something new with people from all walks of life. Community service hours available. 


We've teamed up with Von Trapp Network, a company devoted to assisting in the development of young artists & entrepreneurs, to present Project X. Through Project X our mission is to gift communities with love and healing through art, music, and beautification.


Check it out or get involved.

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Artsy Garden

The Artsy Garden Party initiative was created when 6-year-old BriAnna decided the abandoned garden in their neighborhood would be the perfect spot for a garden party. With the assistance of friends and neighbors, she prepared the garden through a series of "meet and greet" workshops, eventually having a garden party with loads of art. Young artists and entrepreneurs came together to get their hands dirty in rebuilding their community from the literal ground up. 

Artsy Garden Party.png

Whole Foods 

We are the parent company to diverse start-ups, such as Lagniappe Vegan & Vegetarian Catering, and others. Our Whole Foods Project is a collaboration with wellness brands, homesteads, and farms, whereby we provide wholesome foods to families in need. 

Whole Foods Movement.png
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