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Artsy Garden Party

A Free Garden Party With access to local artists and vendors. For kids & Their community By kids from that community. 


About the Artsy Garden Initiative

The Artsy Garden Party is a celebration of art & culture that seeks to heal, educate, and sustain communities. Hosted by Von Trapp NetWork's Young Artists & Entrepreneurs Guild, Artsy Garden ATL & Artsy Garden NOLA are tribes of social artists who learn from, shop with, and support each other through art-based public service projects.


The Artsy Garden is a place for like minds to collaborate on beautification projects in diverse neighborhoods. Volunteers and tribe members work together to restore & cultivate abandoned community spaces, such as garden beds, homesteads, and small farms. They then invite that community to a pop-up gallery and shop to celebrate it and their development.

That shop is at The Artsy Garden Party. 


Check their page for upcoming events, and more ways to get involved!

How this party benefits communities


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